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Many of us have experienced trauma or injury to our head and neck at some point in our lives. Symptoms develop from these traumas overtime and we no longer identify the pain we experience with the incident that may have occurred many years ago.

Many of Dr. Kerr's patients arrive at his door much later than they need to, living with pain and normalizing it while receiving inadequate treatment from other physicians. Experiencing back problems early on in his life, Dr. Kerr has made it his mission to serve others who also experience pain as a result of head/neck misalignment.

The most obvious difference between the upper cervical adjustment applied by Dr. Kerr and standard chiropractic practice is the gentle, painless way the instrument works. No manipulation

(twisting or cracking) is ever employed or needed. 

Other doctors often suggest hard adjustments or invasive surgeries that cause patients to become more out alignment. As a result, patients become more ill and even more dependent on expensive treatments and medications. Dr. Kerr's method is a totally different approach that over time allows the body to actually heal itself.

Why is the atlas vertebra
so important?

The Atlas vertebra is a bone that sits directly under the skull and dictates the alignment of the entire spine. When the Atlas tilts out of alignment, the lower vertebrae and pelvis begin to shift which can lead to a host of painful problems including lower back pain, headache, migraine, sciatica, and so many other problems.


The brain delivers all of its healing messages by way of the brain stem which first passes through the atlas vertebra. When the atlas vertebra is out of alignment, it puts more pressure on the nerves running through the base of the skull which throws the entire nervous system out of balance.

What is the atlas vertebra?

Image by Alan Calvert

What happens when the
atlas vertebra is corrected?

Once the Atlas vertebra is in the correct position, the brain will be able to more efficiently communicate with the rest of the body. Then the body's innate ability to heal itself will accelerate until all of the symptoms caused by misalignment begin to disappear.

Just like the atlas vertebra is responsible for holding your your entire head on your shoulders, the Greek God Atlas was in charge of holding the world and the heavens on his shoulders. 


Why is it called
atlas vertebra?

How does upper cervical treatment work?

Dr. Kerr begins treatment by taking x-rays from the side of the head, front of the head, and top of the head. Using these images, he determines precisely the exact degree of misalignment. These coordinates are translated to the percussion instrument for the most accurate adjustment. 


How long does treatment typically last?

Depending on the severity of the trauma, treatment can last anywhere from few months of intermittent treatment to a few years. Most patients feel symptoms begin to disappear within the first couple of visits.

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